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The most popular collecting tradition from Franklin Mint Precision Models is back and is limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide.

It’s Christmas Eve in Franklin Center and the local toy shop is rushing to make last minute deliveries in this incredible model of the 1937 Studebaker Pick-Up. You can almost hear the crunch of the snow under the wide wall tires as it rolls down Main Street to drop off the gifts before Santa Claus makes his annual appearance. All decked out in holiday red and green, perfectly scaled garland and bows grace the sides, bringing the spirit of the holidays to life.

Each model features a special nameplate on the chassis and is hand numbered. The model is perfectly balanced with wheels that roll and steering that turns. Touch the seats and feel the leather-like seats in a rustic warm brown and check out the instrument gauges brought to life again from the original truck.

Take a trip down memory lane with this pristine 1937 Studebaker pick-up truck 1:24 scale die cast model.

The stunning profile highlights the tear drop fenders, with wheels that turn featuring tires with wide white walls and chromed hub caps.

The tailgate easily opens to show the precision scaled flatbed and miniature model boxes, ready to be unloaded into a Franklin Center shop.

•Edition forever limited to just 1000 models worldwide
•Assembled by hand from over 100 separate parts
•Hand painted and polished to a spectacular glossy finish
•Working features including wheels that turn, doors and hood that open, and tailgate that actually lowers
•Detailed Engine just like the original

2013 Christmas Truck - 1937 Studebaker Pick-Up Truck
Indianapolis Spindizzy
1961 #31 Hoover Motor Express
Another great new release in the 1:18 scale Replicarz Exclusive Indy Series, this is the 1961 Hoover Motor Express Laydown Roadster, as driven at the Indy 500© by Bobby Marshman. Marshman was co-Rookie of the Year in 1961. Die-cast metal body. Opening hood to show the well-detailed Offy engine. Authentic cockpit with all controls and glass-faced gauges. Top it off with a high-luster paint finish and crisp, race-day decoration. This one will surely fill a void in your Indy collection. Very Limited Edition (tba). Scheduled for delivery in the 3rd quarter, 2012.
1911 Marmom Wasp, Indy Winner, Ray Harroun - 1:18 Scale
The 1911 Marmon Wasp that Ray Harroun piloted to the first ever Indy 500 win. This very significant race car will be a great addition to any 1:18 scale Indy collection. Highly detailed and very accurate reproduction of the first ever Indy 500 winner. The model is produced in resin and does not have opening features or engine detail. Sure to fill a void in every Indy collection. Tentative delivery date is June 2013.

To this day, Harrounstill holds an Indy 500 record; no one has ever come from the 28th (or worse) starting position to win the race. The car averaged 74.602 miles per hour. The total time was 6:42:08 for the 500-mile race. In winning the race, Harroun was awarded $14,250.00.

Harroun was only 29 years old when he achieved the historic victory. He was an engineer for the Marmon Motor Car Company and the designer of the six-cylinder Marmon Wasp. The car was named 'Wasp' due to its sharp-pointed, wasp-like tail and its yellow-and-black paint scheme. The long pointed tail reduced air drag. In 1961, he drove the Wasp in a 50th Anniversary lap at the Indy 500.

Scale: 1:18
Year: 1911
Make: Marmon Motor Car Company
Model: Marmon Wasp
Color: Yellow and Black
Year Released: 2013
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